If I would have a farm, I would be farming this wonderful herb, the Calendula Officinalis. This is such a wonderful plant which flowers almost all year round. In this topic I will be macerating the herb in organic virgin avocado oil.

You can normally find Calendula Infused Oil that uses either Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil, but mostly the latter as sunflower oil naturally contains a larger amount anti-oxidants that helps your project last a little bit longer.


  • 25g dried calendula flowers
  • 1000g organic avocado oil (but any of your favourite oil will do)


  • a jar that would fit about 1.5L liquid
  • weighing scale
  • spatula
  • Measure 500g of avocado oil and set aside
  • Measure 25g of dried calendula flowers
  • place the flowers in a clean sterilised jar
  • pour in the avocado oil
  •  using the spatula, assist the flowers to sink in making sure they are all saturated in the oil
  •  measure another set of 500g and more on top of your mixture. This will really help mixed the flowers with the oil
  •  close the lid and shake a bit
  • do not forget to label your jar, put the date, ingredients, measurements, and batch no. this help remind you of what’s in it.
  • before storing make sure that the flowers are all soaked underneath the oil, this will avoid immediate rancidity
  • I normally put them in the airing cupboard, a warm and dark place for about 3 weeks, checking every day and giving them a shake.
After this time, you can separate the oil and calendula by straining with a cheese cloth, metal strainer or whichever  you have available. As you can see, I have put 1000g of oil in the mixture – this is not the same amount you will get after the extraction, it would  about 20% less so squeeze as much as you can. If you can filter it more to reduce residue, and make the oil clearer is an option. But I I like as it is, the product is now ready to use.

Warning: I truly appreciate it when people make things close to nature. If you have allergy on the above ingredients or if you are pregnant, please consult your local GP before giving this a try. Your safety is always paramount.

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